About Digi Marketing Pet

A senior digital marketing professional with 10+ years of hands-on marketing experience in SMEs and Corporates (IKEA), I keep tabs on what’s trending and what is important to watch. I try to share the best of this with other marketers, colleagues, friends followers and save them from having to find what’s hot on their own.

Other interesting things about me:
1200+ connections on LinkedIn
2300+ followers on twitter @potsandpickles
1100+ followers on twitter @ganztolledinge

98.3 (100) twitter grade for @potsandpickles, 95.4 (100) twitter grade for @ganztolledinge

Peer index 49 for @potsandpickles, 45 for @ganztolledinge

Klout Score  32 for @potsandpickles, 38 for @ganztolledinge

SproutSocial Influencer Score 54 and Engagement Score 74 for @ganztolledinge, 90% for @potsandpickles