How To Analyse Your Email Marketing Campaign Performance

Email Marketing Campaign Success

To make email an efficient and cost-effective communication channel for your business, your email communications need to be:

  • Well-designed and optimised
  • Targeted to specific customer segments
  • Tailored to the end-user
  • Sent at the right time

Measuring Email Marketing Campaign Performance

One of the most important stages of any email marketing campaign is the actual analysis of it. Website/ landing page analysis and email marketing campaign analysis should be treated in tandem and will make or break the success of your overall email marketing strategy.

  1. A good email service provider (ESP), should provide a free analysis tools as part of their subscription.
  2. Google Analytics helps track email recipients’ actions once they click through to your Web site. For the majority of campaigns, you should direct emails to a web page, or a designated landing page.
  3. Start testing your email campaigns or newsletter elements with simple A/B testing taking a sample of 50-100 of your target audience. If you are strapped for time – lets face it, it happens – divide your subscriber list in half.
  4. Create your email marketing message or newsletter and change one element (subject line, from field, sending day, etc). Ensure your email is mobile and tablet optimised.
  5. Use your ESPs systems or embed code from Google or Yahoo Analytics, and send the two versions.
  6. Track which version shows the highest OR (Open Rates). Be cautious about using open rates only as a success measure as some recipients still view email through an email client‘s preview pane and OR does not reflect how many people actually read your email.
  7. Have a call to action on the landing page (to which you send email recipients). You then measure how many people took the action (taking a free trial, downloading a white paper, viewing a video, requesting a free consultation, making a purchase etc.)
  8. Resend the best performing email to a sample of the list remainder. Test time of the day.
  9. Analyze. Measure
  10. Resend the best performing email to the list remainder at the right time, as determined by your audience (through previous test)
  11. Analyze. Measure:
  • CTR, web/landing page traffic and call to action conversion
  • Bounce rate ( this will help you clean up your database or CRM system, which is so important for improving deliverability)
  • Unsubscribe
  • Complaints ( Monitor blacklisting and take immediate action if blacklisted)
  • Sales conversions ( if your email is transactional)
  • Social Media conversions (if your email is social)
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One Response to How To Analyse Your Email Marketing Campaign Performance

  1. Petra says:

    Excellent article! Easy to follow step by step guide with excellent linking to extra information. Thank you!

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