5 Social Media Tools That Save You Time And Money

Marketing a business takes time and energy. Knowing how well you are marketing is part of the process

Here are 5 Free essential social media tools you as a small businesses or large enterprise can use to save you time and money. Aimed at helping marketers and business managers to generate media exposure, drive brand awareness, and new prospects in the process.

  1. Timely.is – Allows you to find out the times of the day when people most often read your posts enabling you to write tweets in advance and target effectively to your audience.
  2. Hootsuite.com – Among lots of other useful things, including a very comprehensive Analytics report, HS allows you to write tweets in advance and have them go live during peak times. You schedule the date and time for your tweets to go out.
  3. Polly.IM: Monitors your Twitter account and enables you to find out what people are saying about your business. It suggests responses to @mentions, negative mentions, new followers etc and can send messages to customers on your behalf.
  4. Roost: Allows you to create a single post and send it to your Facebook and Twitter pages at the same time. You can create and monitor campaigns and schedule the date and time for your tweets and posts to go out. Roosts can also make content suggestions to help you make maximize the impact of your message.
  5. CrowdBooster: Analyzes the performance of your individual tweets and posts with interactive graphs and tables to help you quickly understand what’s working. The free tool provides a nice dashboard that gives you actionable insights that help you use Twitter and Facebook more effectively – discover who to engage and when. Used by big brands including Ben & Jerry’s and JetBlue.

    Other Free Tools and Resources:

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    2 Responses to 5 Social Media Tools That Save You Time And Money

    1. D. Blitz says:

      I am in the process of starting my own business. Your advice is inmeasurably valuable to me, as I am really strapped for time and would not have known where to find this kind of information in one place! Your blog is the perfect One-Stop-Shop for small business owners like myself. Thanks!!!

    2. Ahmed Abdullahi says:

      Excellent advice. Your post in itself has saved me valuable time and money researching efficiency tools. Cheers. A A

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