How To Effectively Leverage Facebook For Business

This is an easy to follow How To Guide aimed at helping marketers and senior management understand how to leverage and maximise Facebook for achieving their strategic  marketing and business objectives.  Some familiarity with Facebook is assumed, if only casual.

First Things First: Set Up A Parent Account

Ever heard the saying Don’t Mix Business With Pleasure? As a small business operating in the social space it can be challenging to figure out where you end as a person and where you begin as a “brand.” It’s crucial that you are aware of the boundaries when using Facebook. Inexperienced marketers and business owners too often set up a Facebook profile and start Friending anybody and everybody.

I have worked with many small business owners who have come to regret not thinking through their Facebook strategy before jumping in. Before I explain some of the many strategic ways to increase your fan base on Facebook you need to understand the difference between a personal profile and a Fan page.

Facebook’s main goal is to connect people with friends, family, colleagues (past and present) and other connections.  That is why you start by setting up a personal profile.

Facebook Fans Vs Friends

Unfortunately, FB does not allow you to set up more than one personal account. For example, I cannot set up an account as myself, and then set up another account as my business. If I do so and Facebook finds out, they will punish me severely by shutting down both accounts.

This is where Fan pages come in:

  1. Start by creating a personal account as, for example Joe Blog
  2. From that account, set up a business Fan page.
  3. Your personal account is the parent account and your Fan page is a sub-account.
  4. While you can only have one personal profile, you can have as many Fan pages as you want.

Now, let’s get down to business: In this post we’ll discuss some of the easiest and most influential strategies to increase your fan base as a business. Be aware: Building a great Business Page alone will not get you fans.

Right Place, Right People, Right Content, Right Time

Networks play a key role in helping businesses connect with customers, prospects, suppliers, investors and future employees providing them with useful, timely information on topics that interest and enable them to leverage content to a greater audience – extend their reach.

Facebook Networks

Thus your first priority should be to find – or create – networks.
Go to and click on “Account” in the top right-hand menu, and then “Account Settings.”  On the Account screen, choose Edit to the right of “Networks.”


If you’re a marketer, Facebook’s Like Buttonrepresents a big opportunity. Adding the Like Button to your website(s) can help you earn media exposure, drive brand awareness and affinity, website or store traffic, and earn consumer validation for your brand.
When a user clicks on the Like Button your Fan page is added to the Interests section of their Facebook profile, the page is shared out to the news feeds of the user’s friends and friends. When users log into Facebook, they see a feed of their friends’ recent activity …and by extension, the activity of users on your company page.

Additionally, you gain the ability to send updates to the user via their news feed – This is free advertising for your brand.

Facebook Updates/Posts

Sharing content with your fans is a way to provide them with useful, timely information on topics that interest them …and that happen to be relevant to your business.

Provide educational or informational content 95% of the time, and you’ll have a greater chance of having your post shared by your fans.  If you push sales letters, you’re more than likely to see your fans begin to dwindle.

Content should also contain links, either back to your website or to some other relevant destination.  A URL shortening service like or, can help you measure clicks throughs on each link using the metrics provided.

Searchable Facebook Page

By default, your Page will be “public” …which means it can be indexed by any search engine, enabling you to drive organic search traffic to your Page.  If your Page is not showing up in searches, ensure you have set your page to be publicly indexed and searchable.

Go to “Edit Page,” click “Manage Permissions” and make sure the box to the right of “Page Visibility” is un-checked; this will make it publicly visible.

Links to other Facebook resources:

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One Response to How To Effectively Leverage Facebook For Business

  1. D. Blitz says:

    Perfect! Perfect! I am just starting out on Facebook and I am feeling already overwhelmed by the information available on the web. This is a great easy to follow guide, especiially if you are strapped for time. Will you continue with a series?

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