How To Find People To Follow On Twitter

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How To Find People To Follow On Twitter

Building and expanding a network is one of the more challenging, time-consuming and rewarding aspects of your daily Twitter activities. But, where do you find and engage with people relevant to your business and industry to follow on Twitter?


  1. Your Followers Back
  2. Your Followers Followers
  3. Thought Leaders And Bloggers. All marketing and business thought leaders nowadays should have some form of Twitter presence. Collect their Twitter handle at events, conferences and seminars and follow their conversations, thus staying ahead of your competition! Do your favourite bloggers have a twitter presence? Follow them on Twitter!
  4. #hashtags.
  5. Event #hashtags. Follower event organisers, speakers and thought leaders.


  1. Twitter’s “Who To Follow” Feature. You can access the tool by clicking the link on your Twitter tool bar. Type in your own keywords, i.e. “cupcakes” to find, follow and start conversations with people relevant to your business and industry.
  2. Twitter Search. Twitter’s own search engine allows you to find people using industry or business specific keywords. You can also use Twitter Search as a monitoring and reputation management tool. Search for your company and find out what press, customers and competitors are saying about you, your products or services.


  1. Follow Too Many People At Once. Best practice is 25-50 per day. It may create an artificial network of little value, because the real value of your network does not lie in the number of followers that you have but the number of meaningful conversations and the level of engagement that you establish with your following
  2. Unfollow Too Many People (Who Don’t Follow You Back) At Once. Its widely seen as bad practice.

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8 Responses to How To Find People To Follow On Twitter

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  2. Great tips for Twitter users! Thanks so much 🙂

  3. thecoachlee says:

    Actually I do not follow back everyone who follows me. I am selective because I use Twitter for business. Marketing is truly about slow and steady wins the race, twitter is no exception. Thanks for some good tips.

    • paedra says:

      Thank you for visiting my post and for your great comment! You are right in that you have to be selective with your followers and that natural organic followers are the most valuable. Followers who follow you because they are genuinely interested in your product and services are most likely to retweet your information and pass it along. They are also the most likely to use your products or services or follow your recommendations.

  4. Shree says:

    Your tips for increasing followers are great. But I think following selective and relevant people would be more appropriate.

    • paedra says:

      Shree – thank you for stopping by and for your excellent comment. I totally agree with you in that following people relevant to your industry and/or you business is key. In particular where follow back is concerned. Having lots of followers is no longer significant. The golden measure now is to be included in lots of lists. Being assigned by followers to a “list”, is an indication that they may consider your tweets worthwhile reading.

  5. Mali Sosa says:

    What a great resource! I am a fan of yours from the beginning and frequently visit your blog. I am also a loyal follower of yours on Twitter. Both your tweets and your posts have been a great help to me finding my way around marketing my own business. One great thing about your posts is that you can print them!

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