How To Use Twitter For Business

installation of group of peopleThe Changing Nature Of Consumer Behaviour

The changing nature of consumer behaviour means that instead of pushing messages out to consumers, as an effective marketer you must adapt to new consumer attitudes and behaviour by creating marketing messages and campaigns that pull consumers in to your business. This strategy is called inbound marketing.

 4 Key Inbound Marketing Tools

The 4 key inbound marketing tools are (inbound) email, blogging and content creation, search engine optimisation and social media marketing.


Twitter is a business relationship building and maintenance tool. Its most obvious purpose is to meet and greet new customers and leads. As a business you can use Twitter to

  1. Generate leads
  2. Qualify leads
  3. Develop and promote your brand
  4. Interact with your customer base
  5. Respond to customer enquiries
  6. Resolve customer service issues instantly
  7. Track and respond to what customers and brands are saying about you
  8. Track what customers are saying about your competitors identify gaps in your competitors proposition
  9. Create a buzz around upcoming product or service launches
  10. Create a buzz around upcoming events and conferences
  11. Promote specific content that you have created, including white papers, product reviews, webinars, blogposts, pod and video casts
  12. Develop direct relationships with press contacts for press placement
  13. Save costs through direct recruitment
  14. Educate business planning, Innovation and New Product Development

Twitter is one of the most powerful social networks and communication tools to utilize for your business. Twitter allows you to interact with consumers around the world in 3 different ways

  • Send a short message (140 characters) to a specific person privately (Direct Message)
  • Send a short message (140 characters) to a specific person publicly (Reply)
  • Send a short message (140 characters) to any group of people publicly (Updates; Retweet)

Next weeks post: How To Find People To Follow On Twitter

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10 Responses to How To Use Twitter For Business

  1. I’m just beginning to understand some of the basics of social networking, but I found your Twitter article very useful (and understandable), and I look forward to following more of your posts. Thanks so much!

  2. nehaduggal says:

    I don’t use twitter but I have Facebook. But your article was very informative. I like it. Thanks for sharing.

    • paedra says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog! I have planned a series of posts on How To Use FaceBook For Business and will definitely keep you updated.

  3. nehaduggal says:

    That sounds great. I would definitely come back again. Do share on how to market personal blogs because no one really has a business in my daily life. So I would love to know what you have to suggest for that!!!!


  4. I’ve been especially effective at posting breaking news on Twitter about my industry. I have programmed Google to update me on email for relevant keywords in the news. Then I post the news link on my Twitter and Facebook pages immediately. I’ve found that consultants in my area of expertise now depend on my Tweets to keep up to date and they’ve recommended me to others. I would opine that providing timely and relevant news and education should be a major business advantage.

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  6. This is fantastic info for Twitter users! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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