How To Lower Your Email Complaint Rates

11 Quick Tips to Help Reduce Your Complaint Rates

  1. Apply rigorous list hygiene; remove in-actives, unsubscribes, complaints and hard bounces.
  2. Keep this list of inactives for re-targeting with a re-opt-in campaign to possibly reactive their interest at a later time.
  3. Lower your e-mail volume.
  4. Throttle campaigns to send in smaller batches. This decreases the volume of complaints/ hour.
  5. Segment your list into different categories, such as time zone or user demographics.
  6. Schedule larger campaigns to go out a few days in a row versus sending to your entire list in one day.
  7. Segment your e-mail lists by the major domains to monitor statistics while keeping the volume low. (This measure provides insight to how recipients are reacting to your mailing, per domain, so you can make real-time changes to your strategy.
  8. Pull the list of subscribers who marked your e-mail as SPAM and unsubscribe them (Recipients who flagged your e-mail as SPAM/JUNK have ultimately opt-ed out without taking the appropriate action to unsubscribe).
  9. Keep this list for re-targeting with a promotional offer, a re-opt-in campaign to possibly reactive their interest at a later time. Keep the list seperate from the list of inactives. Mark up both lists with separate intuitive codes in your CRM system, so that everybody in the organisation understands that these groups need to be treated differently.
  10. Make sure your unsubscribe option is easy to find on the email message and accessible, to avoid point 8.
  11. In your main email inventory, ask subscribers to add you to their Whitelists ( Subscribers who are whitelisting you have proactively opt-ed in, are excited to hear from you and are expecting your emails in the future).
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